97 RM125 help needed :*(

hey guys,

well, i bought my first dirtbike:ride: a while back and it has been an up and down thing... its a 97 rm125 that had 0hrs on rebuild, the guy i bought it from had raced it in the silverdome and on ice in michigan, but he broke his back, so he cant ride anymore... well, i put all fluids in it when i got it, except for the radiator fluid, he had put it in when he rebuilt it... not a problem :smirk: well, it is a great bike, for sure, but im having problems now., and desperately need the help.... one day, i decided to ride it to the river, it was successful and only laid it down once or twice in the thin sand, i believe the last time i laid it down in the sand, the radiator hose came off, i didnt know because i cant see the hose while riding, its the one right on the inside of the fatty at the bottom of the right side of the rad.... bad news for sure, well, i rode it about a mile to my house and as i was coming to my driveway, it stalled and only would turn over if i was rolling and let the clutch out... i let it cool off and tried again, it ran, so i didnt think anything of it besides it overheated, and had to cool down, a few days later, i rode it to my friends house(about a mile from mine), and as i was coming to her driveway, it stalled again:banghead:..... at this point, i was like... something is wrong... well, i got to her garage and had a look.... thats when i found the rad tube off of the bike....i let it cool off again, checked the hose for debris and for fluid, no debris, but fluid in the hose, and it was green, of course... i attached the hose and filled it up with new fluid, let it cool, and ever since, it wont start... now im :smirk:... my dad grew up riding and even worked at a shop where he assembled bikes and test drove them, he drove the first water cooled 750 that came off the prod. line at that dealer, and so i trust his opinions and ways of fixing it, weve tried almost everything and cant get it started, it has compression, a spark, and gas in the carb for sure, but im thinking it may be the reeds, i took off the carb and i could open all reeds, they didnt feel fouled or warped... im out of options.. sorry it is so long, but the more info yall have, the better we all are... PLEASE help:worthy:

Pull the head and check for cracks and warpage. Check the cylinder also.....amazing to me there would be any green left in the system after running with a hose off. you will be lucky if it did not ruin the cylinder.

Pull the reeds and the pipe and have a good look at the piston. One side may be broken.

thanks guys, i will def try it tomorrow, i need a good place to do it though, dont have a garage, and the shed is full o shot

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