Rekluse EXP 2.0 Installed

I put the Rekluse EXP 2.0 in my DRZ435 set up for SM and put about 15 miles around town on it. It took a little but before I understood how to adjust the clutch pre-load but once I understood it was easy to adjust. I called Rekluse and told them the problem I was having & it ended up being the pre-load adjustment. They were very helpful in explaining what I didn't understand from the instruction manual. You have to per-load it way beyond what you are use to with a regular clutch cable. I had to pull 3 fiber discs & 2 metal discs. I found myself sitting at a stop sign in gear idling with my hand off the clutch then with my hand still off the clutch just gas it & pull away. I think it is going to be the hot set up off road for me atleast, 30" inseam. Just layed the bike on its side, pull the clutch cover, pressure plate, 3 fiber disc & 2 metal disc, installed the EXP, pressure plate, and the clutch cover. No BS takes maybe 15 minutes to install. Make the adjustment & you are riding.

Now that you have had that clutch in for a bit are you still happy with it? Any issues at all?

I think I will grab one this winter.


Some long term feedback ?

Any trouble getting the front end up & over obstacles offroad? How much throttle response do you lose once you're rolling ? I'm trying to decide if the trade-off is worth it since I'll be able to install a rear hand brake.

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