Throttle Cable Catching on Stock Odometer Mount

I just picked up a new to me crf250x. I removed all of the OEM odometer related items and am now left with the two mounting bosses that come out from the front of the top triple clamp. When I turn the bars full left the throttle cables come really close to hanging up on the mounting bosses. I will be installing a trail tech computer with a top mount so I will not be needing these mounting bosses.

Has anyone else had a problem with the throttle cables catching on the mounts? Does anyone have a good solution for this problem? I would hate to have these cables catch when I am flying down the trail.

Thanks for the help!

the boss is rounded so there is nothing for them to "really" get stuck on. When I removed my odo I actually ground off the mount, but this was for other reasons as well.

Try re routing the cables, the new ktm bikes have the cables that go in on the right side of the frame, they never go near the tripples.

I put a small piece of the mounting hardware back on. It is the thin piece of metal that bridges the span of the tabs.

Thank you all for you input.

redrooster65, installing the small black metal piece was my short term plan at this point for resolving the problem. The cables are already routed to the left side of the frame so there is not much else I can do there.

My long term plan is to shorten the longer of the two mounting tabs so they are the same length and use them to mount a trailtech comp and billet protector to.

I did all that as well, two dashboards later I am going without. I Would have been better off with the hour meter.

Dashboards breaking in a crash or just burning up due to regular use. I am interested in your reasoning for thinking you would have just been better off with the hour meter before I go spend a bunch of money on a computer and mount.

Between physical abuse (crashing) and just burning up (likely from water abuse) I cant keep one on my bike. The worst part is when they fry you loose all your data. Over 5+ years I have been thru the OEM odo and two endurance's. I am currently going without. throttle cables are on right said of frame and pass the head on the right...perhaps thats what you meant. I can't imagine them going around left but maybe they do now. Mine is an 06. What year is yours?

See the link below for how I mounted my Vapor. Like redrooster, I put the black wire 'loop' back on to contain the Vapor's wires. You can see it in one of the pics.

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