where can I get a lowering link?

Upgraded the wife to a 2006 TTR-230 and she loves it but she's a little scared of the height. I don't want to shave the seat and I already have the shock set real soft and it's not enough. Where can I get a 1.5 - 2" lowering link for it for a decent price?

Why don't you want to shave the seat? This is the cheapest mod you can do. My 10 year old rides a ttr125 and after I have dropped the forks and set the sag, he still needed a little more. So I shaved the seat and perfect.

Here is the secret, (don't tell anyone) buy a used seat of ebay (they all fit) and shave it (serrated knife). That way you keep the stock seat looking great, but if you screw up, no harm no fowl.

By far the cheapest route.

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