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2003-04 yz250f jetting problem!

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So my yz250f has been sitting for quite some time and i decided i was tired of looking at it and wanted to get it running like a champ, the way it used to. unfortunately someone left fuel in it for a year.so i tore appart the carb and cleaned it within an inch of its life and replaced almost all details (jets, needle, floats, etc.) just to be safe. after putting it back together and running fresh gas through the whole thing it started after about 15 kicks. but it is making a lean popping noise and the throttle occasionally just cuts out when you ride it.any way the timng could be off?? the bike was moved from california to arizona and i think its a jetting problem. here in AZ were bout 1117ft above sea lvl and im running a 175 jet with a 45 pilot. and the needle is set at the 3rd notch down. anyone have any suggestions on what jets to use or how i can get this thing running better?!

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