Un corking question Please help

Tomorrow I will un cork the pig I can do everthing, jet, intake manifold, air box crap in trash can, and needle, but I have to order a HRC tip for my pipe will it work with just the baffle taken out of the stock pipe, yes I know there is no spark arrestor and would only ride on tracks but I dont want to wait til this weekend to ride?

Yes, it will work. Look here:


If you use a 2" hole saw and folow the instructions on www.XR650R.net (hit the "Making It Run Right" item on the left menu) you can open up the exhaust and still have the spark arestor in place.

Sounds like the new BRP is getting close to being unleashed on Colorado!

I bought a hole saw at Home Depot, put the hole saw in the drill and drilled out the plug. The hole saw should just be big enough to cut out the plug so as not to harm the screen. The spark arrestor screen is still attached but the plug is gone. The hole saw ran me about ten bucks compared to 130 bucks for the other tip. Bike runs great! :)

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