how much oil

Hi, I am trying to know how much oil should I put in a XR 650L after oil and filter change. Thanks

Engine holds 2.6 US qt or 1.95 liters if filter has been replaced. Put oil into filler on frame until it comes to the upper line on the dip stick. Run the engine for five minutes (Honda recommendation) and then top up engine to upper mark on dipstick - job done.

There was a poll here recently asking how much oil folks were using to top off their XRL's. Seems many of us needed a little more than the manual recommends.

I found that I couldn't even get it to show on the dip-stick (at all) after two full quarts, and kept adding more til I was up to 2.5 quarts or so. I knew something wasn't right, so I asked here about this issue,and someone recommended that I not just crank the bike, but actually ride it for a few minutes to get a proper reading, and that showed me to be over-filled, and I removed some oil. But, it seems that it takes a very small amount to go from 3/4 full, to over-filled.

I think reduceus omitted a "zero" in his above recommendation. I believe the manual calls for 2.06 quarts, not 2.6. :smirk:

So basically, pour in two quarts, then ride the bike for five minutes, then immediately check the stick, and if necessary add a small amount. Anywhere between 1/2 and full is fine,then check it regularly.

Quite correct Brocephus - blame it on my not being able to read correctly - or my old age!!!! Thanks.

I always put in 2 quarts and call it a day - it calls for 2 quarts so I figure the worst I could do is end up with the minimum amount of required oil plus some minor volume of residual oil that never drained completely out of the bike - I just changed the oil AND filter last weekend and after taking a quick ride it was reading midway between the marks on the dipstick - I always check it when I get home when it's plenty warmed up and I never find the level to be low - despite (the bike) running rather hot imo, I've never really had to add oil to the bike - I change oil more frequently than the service intervals though

A 650L won't require more than 2.0L. That will put it on or very near the full mark if the oil level is checked correctly.

2.5L brings mine up to the 1/2 way mark on the dipstick. As long as it doesn't go above the full mark on the dipstick you're ok (checked with engine warm on a level surface, dipstick NOT screwed in and within a few minutes of shutting it down). It's better to have a little too much oil than not enough ... I've lost count of how many people have toasted their engines from lack of oil after only putting in 2L and running it without periodic checks before the next oil change. :smirk:

To the have the same thread running in another forum. Big thing with the XR is to check the oil level as often as you change your boxers. My point being...if your ass is that dirty, you don't deserve to own it. :smirk:

well, thank you guys for the help and explanation on how to check the oil on these Xrs.

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