KLX110 case splitting for fourth gear drum

so i looked everywhere for directions on how to install the fourth gear drum and couldnt find anything. so im doing it myself from the service manual. im going to try and make an official thread for this kit. im taking a lot of pics and will show them with directions in it.

but right now, i have the motor out and am ready to get the top end off (i believe). i cant seem to get it off though. although i didnt try too too hard yet. wondering if anybodys done this before.

also, im going to have cam chain timing ?s upon reassembly too.

make sure to get the two 10mm bolts on the cam chain side

ya i got those out and the top end off, i also got the primary and secondary clutches off as well as the flywheel. what else needs to come off before splitting the case? and tricks?

once all the bolts are off and things that need to come off we usually use a flathead and soft mallet

so ive got everything off that the manual says to take off, but cant get it apart...

my cases now look like this...



any help? thanks

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