2012 250f injected

Heard a bloke at local engine shop say 2012 yz250f are to be injected also redesigned cylinder head (back to 4 valves)

Can any one confirm

what do you mean back to 4 valves? yz250f have all ways had 5 valves. i think it will be fuel injected with 4 valves. i hope it will get the backwards cylinder and the tornado exhaust. like the 450 which will also result in a new frame and maybe another suspension update

well considering that the wr250r *IS* fuel injected AND has 4 valves. not much of a stretch.

and we all can confirm it just as soon as they show up.

We'll all know soon enough. I think the rumors may be the big reason so many carbed YZ250F are sitting on dealer floors.....or it could be the crappy economy.

Could be bargains to be had real soon.....

I dont think the fuel injection is a huge deal. Other than never having to adjust your jets for altitude. Just more things to go wrong on race day. I love my 2010. But still in a few years im sure ill own a FI bike.

I owned a efi berg last year and picked up a 2010 yz250f a month ago. My berg is perfect and in fact i feel that is the only thing from making the yz the perfect bike. in fact i shouldn't have ridden it the other night the fi is that good! I was so mad the other night when I had an fi'd bike sitting next to me as i rejetted the yamaha!

I hope it is right, I have heard Yamaha is working hard to bring it out right the first time. Hope we see it for 2012...

The FI on the new bergs is the best I've ever used... perfect.

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