I have had a quick look around and there is SO much info here, i would love to proceed with modding the hell out of my stock 08 drz sm!

As I said it is almost stock but came with a k&n filter and Yoshi rs3 end pipe.

It isn't running very well, spluttering especially when coming off and on the throttle through corners. Defo like it's set up wrong.

Obviously jetting and 3x3 is the answer to my problem but i currently can't purches anything :smirk:

Would 3x3 hole help?

I understand im a complete noob and you haven't exactly got much info to go on.. is it not breathing right then?

Cheers :smirk:

You have to get a jet kit. Your pipe messed up the jetting, the air filter did nothing. You make the 3X3 and you will kill the top end unless you get a jet kit. Get a James Dean kit, a Kientech fuel screw and do it right.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

I'll get searching..

I haven't seen many posts involving an rs3, would that affect the settings?

You mean as your bike is now? Yes. It is significantly more open than a stock pipe. It is not as open as some of the hardcore pipes like a SSW/MRD or a Yosh Ti is but still open enough to have a large effect on jetting.

There is a right and many wrong ways to do something. You bike was designed to more or less run as stock. As soon as you modify parts of it, you have to take into account the effect on other parts your modification will have.

Get the James Dean kit and extended screw. Do the 3X3. Follow the instructions in the kit exactly. You will be pleased with the results

RS3 end pipe? Meaning not a full system? In that case it seems like your bike is pretty stock. You may be able to fix the jetting just by fiddling on the carb but the best thing to do is get a jet kit. That will also set you up for future modifications like 3x3.

sputtering when coming out of a corner? is that when you are accelerating.. how does it idle?

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