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PW80 Carb problems

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Hi, can anyone help me with a couple of problems with a PW80 carb. I bought this bike last night ( this is the first one I've owned ) on ebay, I believe it's a late 1980's model ( Frame no. 21-W 122239 ) Anyway it's been standing a year or so and thus running very eratically and pouring fuel out of the overflow. I 'half' taken the carb of to look at the floats but I can't get the carb totally off the bike as I can't see how to diconnect the two stroke oil pipe this seems to have a metal crimp on the end of it, holding it on the carb, I don't want to force it off, do you disconnect it at the oil pump end ? Also as well as the fuel pipe the carb has another pipe that runs up pretty much vertical from the carb, this came off as I started to try and take the carb off and now I can't see where it connects to ( at the other end from the carb ) I've looked everywhere under the tank where the pipe seemed to lead to but I've drawn a blank. Anyone know ? Any help will be gratefully recieved

Read more: http://forums.dirtrider.com/70/8714143/yamaha-dirt-bikes/pw80-carb/index.html#ixzz1O1JGXm8X

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