Best carb for 95/97 Cr250 project?

I am looking for a good carb for my project CR250 which is a 95 gearbox with a 97 cylinder, FMF gold series pipe and silencer. I have no carb yet, so it is not a jetting issue, just want to get some input before I sink some money in it.

Keihin 39mm PWK

Keihin 36mm or 38mm PWK; the 36mm will add bottom end response, the 38mm will breath better on top, don't fall for the bigger is better trap.

Does the PWK have the power jet circuit? If so, how or can you defeat it?

No the PWK does not have the power jet. If you did have a power jet carb Keihin PJ, just unplug the carb from the wiring harness. The bike will experience a slightly richer mixture at the top end.

Thanks, are all of the PWK's the same? For example, one off of a RM250 will fit a CR250 intake boot/airbox?

No, they come in different sizes that will require different carburetor boots. My kid's YZ85 has a PWK for example. I'd bet that anything off of a 250 will work though.

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