Maico 1982 Engine Question

Hi does anyone know if it's possible to use a 1980 440 Maico engine in a 1982 490 Alpha 1 chassis?

I'm building an Alpha 1 and can't find a 1982 engine but I can get a 1980 440 motor - however I've heard that the crankcases are not the same.

Any thoughts?


If the 82 is the single rear shock then no the 1980 engine will not bolt straight in if I remember correctly. they had to change the bottom end of the engine to fit the single shock. (I ran a 81 490 back then and the guys I was racing with had the new bikes. My 81 had a slight edge in power to the Alpha If I remember them complaining correctly. (they where speaking German at the time LOL)

(I was racing in Berlin Germany)

That said with some mods you may be able to fit it. Good on you for rebuilding one of these beasts. I still limp on rainy days from starting one with the Bing Carby on it. (when I swapped to a Mikuni the locals where agast.. LOL )

Thanks WW yes it is single shock. I've now got the 1980 engine because if it won't fit the '82 I'll build a '79 as well and use it in that.

I will have to make some modifications to the lower lug which is redundant as an engine mount anyway. At the moment it won't sit low enough in the '82 frame for the swinging arm spindle to line-up because as you correctly say the gussets on the frame for the single shock linkage get in the way!

I'll take some proper measurements this weekend before I strip the motor and head off down the machine-shop with the crankcases :smirk:

Pictures man pictures. LOL I will have to dig out some of my pics from back in the day. I may have some of my 81 490. Good luck, Wish you where close I would love to help.

I know the Germans where not happy with the alpha engine if they had ridden the 81's.

Looking good.

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