Keihin Carb

Does anyone know what this carb is off?

Its a Keihin FLAT CR

The numbers on the side of the carb is 5XD2 1 0RJ03


Google says 5XD2 is a YZ450F Europe.

so will it fit the drz400sm :smirk:

so will it fit the drz400sm :smirk:

Not exactly.. it hasn't a removable air bell intake so you need to machine an adapter to fit it properly in the air box's air boot .

It is reccomended to avoid any carb that does not have a removeable bell. The few dollars you save buying the used carb will be more than spent on making it work.

If the carb is the same as the american yamaha it will work, probably is. You will need a slightly smaller clamp to go on the intake bell. on the other side of the carb, between the carb and engine, you can use the rubber adapter from the yzf. you may need to grind away at the throttle cover so it doesn't hit the frame. Use the pull throttle only (like me) or try the yamaha cables. Do not use the tps. Jet it like any other FCR-MX. It doesn't cost a lot of money. Just do it and you'll be happy. E-mail me with any questions during the install.

ok can you let me have all necessary jets and needle size to go in the carb thanks

hi, is 155 main jet,200 main air jet, emn needle, clip 3rd,45 pilot jet,remove pilot air jet,2 turns fuel screw, o ring mod. ok , as in the carb is 172 main jet,45 pilot jet,100 main air jet,72 pilot air jet,obem r needle, 2 turns fuel screw.

In your YZ carb, leave in the 100 slow air jet and the 200 main air jet

Emn Needle, clip 3

155 main

45 pilot

1.75 turns on the fuel screw

Oring mod

If there is a leak jet, plug it.

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