kX450F springs?

I have a 2011 KX450f. I just bought and installed racetech springs for my weight. The Racetech springs came with some pre-load washers. Do I need to use these? The stock springs did not have them and the springs measure approximately the same length. I left them out but want to make sure. Thanks

TTT anyone? Bueller?

I would not use them

the springs they sent me for my 11 crf250r were shorter slightly than the stock springs,they say to use the spacers to make up the differance.they were alum ones and i used them otherwise the front would have a huge amount of static sag.

i might just buy a set of the oem springs,iam still wondering about that,seams odd.

as long as the springs you fit are the same length as STD (including spacers if needed) then it's all ok , many aftermarket companies do this as different firms often share the same dimension springs but with slightly different lengths , it's easier to get spacers than have new springs made

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