Marvin Musquin


any word on Marvin Musquin?

broken thumb.out for a while! it sucks what to see him ride,i think he could of won that race with that start. go to racerx they have rider updates.

8-9 weeks, that sucks... hope he stays here and races the rest of the mx season.. like to see him ride..

That sucks...and coming off a long layoff due to an ACL. The guy just can't seem to catch a break, no pun intended.

From His website

Marvin says "I finally had a good start. In that corner, Barcia was in front of me, and I was on his outside. I came back to the inside to close the door on the guy behind me. Barcia crashed and I couldn't avoid him. His wheel hit me, hurt me, and threw me. I wanted to restart, but then I could feel something was wrong with my hand. It felt bad."

Marvin was helped immediately by the Asterisk Medical Team. He had an X-ray there at the track. And there we found out that his thumb is broken. Marvin was then transfered to a hospital in Dallas, where they did more exams.

The ending verdict, a severe break of his thumb, and three other bones broken in his hand.

Marvin is back in California Sunday morning, and will have surgery this afternoon.

Marvin concludes "I watched again the action in my head, but I know it's not my fault. It's a race accident. I felt really good, my speed and my physical condition was really good. Now I have to take a break. I will continue my physical training. I will restart from here as soon as my hand will permit it. I want to thank everyone who supports me and sends me messages."

Man that sucks for Marvin, he had no way of getting out of the way of that incident.

I like Marvin, seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. Cant wait to see him when he's 100%

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