any body had issues with their bikes? any body had a perfect bike? what brand is it? had a lifan 50 when i was younger, not a problem

Never seen a perfect china bike, they always needed some kind of chasis work straight out of the box. Weather it be greasing the bearings, putting in dust seals straight (a couple of mine were not in flush!) or loctiting every bolt. Handle bars break easy.

Just some tid bits of truth if you are in the market. Engines are bullet proof however. They use steel valves, steel valve seats and steel springs, at a very low max RPM means lotsa life out of these engines.

Another note, some of these bikes don't have rim locks in the rear wheels, you'll want to make sure they are fully inflated to prevent inner tube spin which results in a flat. Done this with one of my china bikes. Last china bike I had did have the rim lock but still went flat really quick. Inner tubes are not very good and seem to tear easy. Replaced it with a quality tube and didn't have any more issues.

Honestly most people that buy these bikes don't ride them too much to notice these kinds of problems, others do. But if your going to use this bike all the time, take my advice and be prepared. They are still pretty decent buys just need a little work when you get them out of the crate.

+1 to what BrentN said. With a decent amount of preparation they can and will be reliable bikes. The motors are not much of a concern, although they tend to put down less power than their Japanese cousins. The chassis needs the most attention. The last one I got I tore down completely and replaced a significant portion of fasteners adding loctite along the way and ended up with a solid dependable trail bike.

25,000 on my Lifan 200 with no problems. Several thousand miles on Lifan horizontal engines 110cc and 140cc installed on old Trail 90s with no problems.

i have absoloutly no interest in buying one of these. i already have 2 yz250f's. just sore there was a chineese forum and thought id ask your opinions. my chineese 50 i had years ago was good with the exception of front and back flat tires in my first ride. all chineese bike are crap for any one over 10 years old. heavy, slow, poor suspension, low quality parts. better off buying an older Japanese bike for the same price

Just goes to show you have not been around very long too say ALL are crap, there are plenty of good ones out there that can hold their own against there counter part.

I have an XTR 230 that has been 100% reliable and will out do the Honda crf230 in every aspect, performance, suspension, and handling.

The frame is stronger, swingarm, wheels , brakes , all work better than the target market competition.

Ive got a 125cc Lifan on a KC70 Frame. It starts first kick and has been running great for more than 1/2 a year now.:smirk:

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