Trail Tech Voyager Tach Question

I recently installed a Voyager and I absolutely love it. The one problem that I am having is that the tach is not accurate. I can get it to show what seems to be a resonable number at idle (about 1500 rpm) but when I am at higher RPMs it is way off ( showing like 1,6000+). I was just curious if any of you that are running the voyager are having the same problem. If not then what set up are you running? ie. how many coils around the spark plug wire, what setting in the computer are you running, (tach, tach/2,or tach*2).


Mine is screwy also. There is a certain amount of times you are to wrap around the spark plug wire. I have not taken the time yet. (tach, tach/2,or tach*2). ???? NOT FAMILIAR WITH THAT

I have contacted Trail tech but so far nothing has worked that they suggested. I will let you know if I get it figured out. On the user screen you can choose what you want to display. In the list there is the option of tach, tach/2 or tach*2.

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