2010-11 Yamaha 450's

I'm in the market for a new bike and if I don't go back to 2-strokes I'm looking at a 2010 or maybe a 2011 Yamaha YZF450 depending on how much the prices drop and I was wondering from people who have owned them for a good amount of time, have any issues came up on it and how is the normal maintence, valves, etc.? The 4-stroke I have now has been plauged with problems despite its low hours and I'm not sure if a newer 4-stroke is worth it. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.

Friend has an 11, just hit 15 hours on it, trouble free. He just checked valves and they were well within spec.

Like pippen said, Dirt Rider has had one for a year (I believe). They ride theirs pretty hard and it has had no issues. They opened up the motor and everything was in good shape.

i am on my 3rd yamaha 4t and they have all been supremely reliable. i have stayed with yamaha primarily because reliability is so important to me. the new 2010 is very nimble and goes exactly where you point it. fuel injection and programmability to fit the terrain is awesome. highly recommended!

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