scratched clutch hub? pics

Hey guys i took some pics of my clutch so i can get a better look at it and noticed the inner hub was all scratched up and banged up. what would cause this and is this normal or does it need replaced? The first pic you can see the scratches. The second pic looks like there is a chunk missing out of the corner and the third looks like it is all scraped up in one spot. thanks




How is the condition of the clutch pack?

Your basket looks like it has some odd wear... Ive seen much worse though. As asked above, what is the condition of your steels and fibers?

They look ok. I think I am gonna replace them though. I put one on some glass and it was not warped and the fibers I measured and were ok. Yeah the basket has some faint grooves but more on the inner part towards the middle part of the bike then on te outer part. Do you think I need to replace anything or is this all ok?

Sadly I have a feeling that your hub could start giving you issues in the near future. I would start looking for a replacement. As for your basket you could use the band aid fix for the time being and file the grooves down but Id start looking for a replacement for that as well.

I cant think of anything that would cause that kind of wear other than the roller bearing being shot... No use in dumping money into it until you figure out why its wearing like that. There has to be a reason behind it.

Where is the roller bearing located?

Cant rem the year of your bike so this is just a ref, but your clutch will be exactly the same.

The bearing I am referring to is # 13 in the diagram. Id look for wear on the spacer as well while your in there, part #12. Those parts would be the first things Id check based on the wear patterns your hub displays.

Did you notice any abnormal vibrations or noises comming from the clutch before you pulled it apart?

Those marks on the outer portion of the inner hub (man, is that ever a description!) dont look right. I would find out what made those before starting the bike again.

Really, it looks like it was from a piece of floating metal.

No no noises or anything. Only thing I noticed different was the bike has become harder to start in gear with the clutch pulled in. When I go to kick it it wants to roll forward. I got lucky and found a used basket so hopefully it's in good shape.

Sounds like your clutch was worn, it was def slipping... Whether it was the clutch pack or the hub or basket is hard to tell from pictures. Id do exactly what your doing and start replacing things part by part and see what fixes your problem. Thing is that once you get your problem fixed Id continue replacing the parts of the clutch until they are all replaced to prevent chewing up another hub and basket.

Ive had several bikes that refused to start in gear when I got them and started replacing parts until I found the issue. Usually its the clutch pack itself being worn past tolerances, but there are those times that have extremely notched/ worn baskets and hubs that do the same.

Ok thanks a lot for the advise.

I have a very nice near new clutch hub and pressure plate from my '06 125

I don't see myself putting them back in as I went to GYT-R billet stuff a few years back.

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