Race Tech Fork Springs (preload washer packet)

I am getting ready to install my beefy new Race Tech Fork Springs. Inside the box I found a preload washer packet with I think 6 thick washers in it. It came with an instruction sheet that covers many forks and is a little confusing for the inverted fork.

Can I use these spacers in the stock KLX450 forks if I am not happy with the preload sag? If so, do they go toward the axle side of the spring or the handlebar side?



I called them and they said it was a direct replacement, no preload washers needed. He said to make sure the old one was at least 18" free len. The new one is 18.4" old one 18.1".


I wonder how those compare to the stock KX springs

Drew Smith at WER replaced my stock springs & installed .48kgs & Did no use the supplied preload washers. Suspension is like speaking french. No Polly vue.....

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