2001 drz400e

I picked up a DRZ400E in kinda good condition. This is my first DRZ and am looking for some good tips on upgrades and what to do and what not to do on these bikes. It has either a after market carb on it as it is the same as the stock carb with a few minor differences. It starts up and idles with the choke on but when warm and I twist the throttle it stalls. It's been sitting for awhile so I will rebuild the carb.


I had an 01 E model as well. Check out the "taffy mod" for the stall problem. Could be other issues (jetting, dirty air filter-carb, etc) but this mod has to do with squirt volume of the accelerator pump and is a common fix.

Lots that can be done with this bike but guards are always a good place to start (hand, engine side covers, radiator, skid) depending on where you decide to use it.

Also, check out the "fixes" in the DRZ FAQ. Most are just preventative rather than fixes.

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