09 250xc-f ticking after warm up

I have a 09 250xc-f with 70hrs on it. The engine is fairly quiet (for a 4t) after start-up but after about a half hour of riding it makes a ticking sound that is louder than after start-up. I bought the bike at 60 hrs. I put a new top end in it when I got it and a dirt tricks tensioner. It had the same ticking sound before the new top end and tensioner. Valves are in spec. and the bike runs great. Very minimal wear on the stock piston. I was just wondering if the louder ticking after it gets hot is normal or if anyone else has this issue?

Ticking is not normal. Which tensioner?

It is Dirt Tricks brand cam chain tensioner:


I am wondering what could cause it to be louder after riding for a while. I have read many threads where engines would tick right after start-up. Many said that the Dirt Tricks tensioner fixed the problem. I was hoping it would fix mine but it is still louder after it gets warm.

I still have the OEM tensioner in mine so i can't help you out with the Dirt Tricks.

Maybe contact them and ask about it possibly making noise.

That does sound like the camchain tensioner. Take it out (put it at TDC first - both cam marks facing each other) and with the spring fitted to it, see if you can compress it with your fingers.

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