Rear Brake

Upon having the rear brake shortened I've just put all back together.

Problem is I have bled and filled with brake fluid yet I still have no pressure???

The pedal will go right down but the calliper wont close..

Any ideas?

Worked fine before removal?:smirk:

How did you bleed the brakes without having pressure in the first place? It sounds like your lines are full of air.

How did you bleed the brakes without having pressure in the first place? It sounds like your lines are full of air.

Back bleed using 2 syringes.

Must add, alot of air came out, then it almost seemed to jam, stripped it down blew system through to check for blockage but it was fine.

Put back and re fill/bleed and bam the same thing ---- air passes, resivoir fills (with some pressure on syringe) then it seems to lock and I can't get hardly any in, and of course the pedal is still not doing anything.

I bled my forever before I got a pedal... went through 1/2 bottle. I used conventional bleed techniques. Last time I gravity bled my system first... I allowed the reservoir to drain down twice before I started pumping. That help get the little bubbles out.

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brake bleeding the easy way:

Start by taking off the caliper but leave the hydraulic lines connected. Remove the lid from the master cylinder. Your caliper needs to be kept lower (closer to the ground) than the master cylinder for this to work correctly. Pump the master several times until the brake pads are touching. Make sure to watch your fluid level in the reservoir so it doesnt get too low. Once the pads are touching, stop and gently pry them apart as far as possible (so that the piston is fully seated in the caliper). Keep an eye on your reservoir so that it does not overflow. Pump up the caliper all the way once more and then open it back up all the way. Do this two three times and there will be NO air in the system.

If you cant get your caliper to pump up then you need to prime the line. There are several tools that make this very easy, but you can do it without tools. Simply get a large bottle of brake fluid and hang it so that its higher off the ground than the master cylinder. Connect your new brake line to the master cylinder and put the other end in your bottle of fluid. So the caliper-end of the line should be above your master cylinder and submerged in brake fluid. now pump the master until no more air bubbles are coming out of your new line. carefully remove the line from the bottle and connect it to your caliper. it will also help if the caliper is fully open (piston fully seated) when you connect your freshly primed line.

Have fun!

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