Having problem my DRZ

Due to our terrible weather I only ride this bike a couple times a year. I did manuel tensioner that has about 200 trouble free miles on it and the bike ran fine last year. So yesterday I pull it out of the garage and throw a new battery in and fired up pretty easy on 1 year old gas. I let it warm up for 10 minutes and rode it. It suddenly has a very noticable clicking clanking that comes with rpms only while in motion. It won't do it in neutral. It sounds terrible. I don't think its the chain. It sounds like its in the motor or trans. I kind of have the motor oil alittle over full on accident but not a lot. Anyone ever heard of anything like this. Thanks

Nobody? I know there is some guys on here that could tell me what my problem might be.

I don't know what that could be. I do know the DRZ can hold a little extra oil no problem. Hope someone else can chime in on this to help you out.


It only makes the sound in gear? Only when the bike is moving? Does it matter if the engine is hot or cold? How over full is it with oil? Can you remove the fill cap right after you shut off the engine and not have it be at the top of the neck?

Yep, only does in gear. When hot the oil is no where near the very top but it is fuller than the full mark.

Well, after having it looked at by a mechanic its been dertermined that for some reason a crank bearing went out. Kind of weird, it had enough oil in but the guy said when they sit that long it can happen. The bike only has 520 actual miles. I'm not going to deal with it, I just want to sell the whole package for repair or parts with clean title for $1700. Anyone interestedd can call or text 406-590-4559.

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