kickstart seized

Hi im new to this site and was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas about my bike, its a 04 kx250f and i had it parked in my shed waiting for the new ignition coil i orderd, anyway i came home from work yesterday went out to the shed to tinker on it and when i went to kick it over it sounded as if one of the gears in the kickstart slipped and then jammed up i didnt even think about trying to force it down thinking it would just cause more damage.

Im just wondering if it could be something simple in the kickstarter because i havnt rode it in more than a week i dont see how the engine could have seized up so if anyone can shoot some ideas my way i would realy apprieciate it

please and thank you :smirk:

Drain the oil and pull the clutch and stator covers and see if you can rotate the crank by hand. Rotate it in both directions and see if that lets the kicker/idler gear free up.

Curious why you are replacing the ignition coil? did the bike quit running from loss of spark? if so maybe your stator has an issue.

i have had problems getting it to start so i took the bike to a friend who tested the ignition system and he found that the coils resistence was out of spec so bad he was surprised it had any spark at all

also try spinning the crank in neutral?

04's had some issues with the cdi firing at the wrong time causing the bike to back fire this then would inturn break a tooth off the kickstart gear getting jammed between the gear and the case thus resulting in a broken case.

Thanks for the info I realy appriciate it I'm gonna try and work on it this weeken I'll see if one of the gears are broke if you think of anything else let me know

so i pulled the stator and clutch covers off and the motor rotates just fine by hand but the kickstart still wont budge

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