So my yz426f runs super hot out the pipe and head when i run the bike with the choke off, but if i run it around with choke on the bike runs cooler...

so should i up the main jet? i already upped the pilot.

the main in it right now is a 162s? i have no idea what the s is or if thats a big jet for that bike i just got it...

it has hotcams and a pipe on it. i live in pittsburgh so i live at like 1000 elevation.

i see that i have the stock jet in my main then... 162s great. prolly burning my valves...

i see people going either to 165-170 what should i go with the 170 first?

wow i noticed people running stock pilots or a 45... the bike has a 48 pilot in it now

should i go down to a 45? and up to a 168?

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