Rm 250?

Looking to buy a 250 2t this summer, Ill be buying used. Going to shoot for something around 2002-2004, somewhere in there. I was wondering which of the 250's are the "best" I care more about handling, turning, stuff like that. Theres a fairly cheap 2004 rm 250 in my area. Just lookin for some general info on the 250 2t's. No ktms.

Well man Im going to be flat out honest with you about my experience with riding the rm250's. I have never personally owned one but my friend that I am very close to we allways ride, and he has had two 01 rm 250's. The 01-08 rm's probably has the best handling ever in my opinon, they feel great as far as suspension very comfortable and the power is pretty good, they are not like the other cr250's that I have rode. The bad part about the rm's that I have saw was that they allways tear up, I mean not like the motor but little stuff, that keep on adding up which my friend may have got two bad rm's but, I don't think that they are as good as the honda cr250. But to answer your question I would say just look, for a rm that is in mint condition or really clean and go ahead and get it, I am not going to steer you from not buying a rm just giving you my experiences with them.

I would stay away from the 2002, 2003 models (if you can). They got much better in 2004.

I've ridden a few and think they are excellent bikes. Don't let the KTM guys tell you otherwise.

Rodney Smith rode RM250s to multiple GNCC championships and to the ISDE quite a few times.

Be sure that it is a 04 because, I know on the rm's they are mistaken all the time.

That is an 01 or an 02............slotted disc brakes , kickstarter, yellow # plates.

Not a bad looking bike though............I had a 03 , (01-03 same suspension), and it was a nice reliable bike.


Ah thanks :smirk: I wasn't sure. 1500 sounded pretty cheap for a 2004.

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