2008 CRF450R fork seal spring? One piece seals?

So I am about to sound dumb I'm sure...

What is the deal with my fork seals? I disassembled them to change springs and found that my forks are sealed with a one piece seal and not the fork seal and dust seal combo that the dealers computer shows. Also there was a wierd spring that wrapped around the seal. In fact on one side it was sprung out and wasn't doing anything but there was no leaking oil or anything.

Does anyone know what's going on here? Do I have some kind of aftermarket awesome fork seals or what?

Thanks folks,


can you post a pic?

No I really can't. I have no home computer right now (don't ask...) and that connecting outside equipment is a no-no here at "work".

I wish I could describe it better. It's like a spring that wraps around the seal (and its long ways like if you took a spring and wrap it together so the ends touch) on the bottom slider.

I guess I am just hoping somebody will see this and just be like, "yeah, that's a ____ fork seal." Cause the Honda shop guys had no idea and I bought the bike used so...

You're looking at the dust seal with its external spring. Those 2 seals cannot be one piece because in between them is the clip that holds the fork seal in the upper leg. When you disassemble your forks and pull the lower legs out of the upper legs, the fork seals are pulled out of the upper legs as well.

Hmmmm... That's what I thought. However I had them apart and there was only one seal. The other one must have fell under my bench or something. And then when looking at the exploded view with the parts guy at the shop I didn't see a spring. I bought the seal set (dust cover and fork seal) and there was no spring there. Whatever, the damn spring was sprung anyways and it didn't seem to be causing problems. I have new seal savers anyways...

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