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1999 KX 125, YZ 125, or CR 250

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First off, I'm 5'11 and 170 lbs on a good day. I've only owned one other dirtbike before, and that was a 98 KLX 300R. I don't race, only do trail riding up at my friends cabin.

So with that said, every since my KLX bit it a couple years ago, I've been looking for a new dirtbike. With my new job, I finally have the funds for one. I was really set on a KX 250 for some reason, but after doing some shopping around I see the price on them is :smirk: A little too rich for my tastes. Based on craigslist and eBay shopping, I've found a couple 98-99 KX 125s for around the $1000 mark, while I've found some 2000-2002 YZ 125s for around the $1500 mark.

Most 250 2-strokes are way out of my price range (cheapest I've seen is $1600 for really old ones) while most of the newer KX 250s are $2000 or more (talking 03s and up). I really don't want to buy a bike older than 10 years though.

I've also found a CR 250 for $1350, guy didn't list a year so I just sent him a message to find out more about it. While I'm not expecting it to be 10 years old or newer, that bike is also an option.

At this point, I'm just not sure a 125CC bike is going to be big enough for me. Also, buying one of those bikes at 10 years old, is there anything in particular I should be looking for?

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