I know Short isn't having his best season but he is at least competitive (top 10) in the 450 class. Now being he is riding a 350, and everything I have heard a 250 two stroke is just as fast if not faster than a 350, wouldn't 250 two strokes still be competitive if a rider of Short's caliber rode it?

I know there were a few at Southwick but they all had major mechanical failures due to how they had to be ridden in the sand to be competitive. Actually one of the local riders in my area was on one of them and entered it into a few nationals. Mechanical failures went with him everywhere though.

I think that 2t can be competitive. The tracks so far look great for a 2T to be running on.

Unless a top pro rider wants to ride on his own dollar it wont be a reality any time soon :smirk:

If anyone will do it, i think it will be K-dub that rides a smoker

Short is going backwards fast on that 350. throw it in the garage and get on the 450 please.

its too early in the season. half way mark well see who has the momentum.

its too early in the season. half way mark well see who has the momentum.

It is already apparent that he needs 2 step it up to a 450, I don't think it would be smart, although I'm sure it will go on at least that long.(It shouldn't though)

ya sorry about that post of mine i wasnt getting my point out like i wanted. im just giving him and everyone else that has started slow the benefit of the doubt. my bet is he will get some speed back here soon regardless of 350/450. last year he was hole shotting the shit out of it in the second half of the season. he would also taper off (compared to dunge of course) but i think maybe that 350 will work for him. this next race in two weeks will give everyone a glance of whats to come for the rest of the season i believe.

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