Handlebar Question for an Off-Road racer

Hey guys I am a 17 year old 6'1" cross country racer and am in the market for new bars. I messed the stock ones up in a recent race (Trees Suck). anyways what would you suggest for they type or racing I do and for my height. I am looking at Pro Taper or Renthal. My budget would be around or preferably under 100 dollars. I appreciate it.


depends why you like. i personly like tall bars that are a bit nerower(get betwen them peskey trees) so i got pestrana FMX bend bars. they are high,and nerower then most. as well they dont have much pull back on them.

best thing for you to do, is probebly sit on your bike with a broomstick with the bars off and position the broom stick were you think you would liek your bars to be. have a friend mesure how high off of the triple trees you are holding the stick, and how far back from the trees you are holding the stick as well. then go on a site, and check the specs on diffrent bars untill you find a bend that is close to your mesurments.

Good advice above. For what it's worth I am 6'2" and run RC high bend renthals. Cheap, tall and you could cut them down if needed. I left mine alone as there aren't too many tight trees here in Wyoming.

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