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Broken 5th metatarsal

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May 21st MXing on a rutted out track.

4th gear left turn sweeper multi lines (ruts).

Left foot under shifter (just grabbed 4th) toe of boot catches rut, foot tries to wrap under footpeg...........SNAP !!

My foot swelled big time. Had a vacation over the holiday with the family that I did not want to hamper.

Got on here and read some posts by Dr Mark saying put a hard soled shoe on and tough it out.

That is what I did.

Now, the swelling is gone, I have a knot on the left side of my foot. The wife freaked and insisted I get an x ray.

My doc will not release the x rays to me till tomorrow. I will try to post them here then.

But until then, it is my 5th metatarsal on my left foot. the bone is broken about mid way. It is lined up on the up-down part but is not lined up looking from the top. My doc called it a 10-15% separation. The bone is about 2/3 to 1/2 of the way lined up, thus giving me my knot on my left side of my foot.

He suggested that I get an ortho's opinion on it if I should get it pinned. He also said that if I am fine with it (which I am, no pain at all, knot just feels funny rub'n my shoe) to just live with it. He said the knot would eventually go away.

Dr Mark, can I get your opinion ?? I will try to get the x rays posted tomorrow.

Wife is trip'n that this will cause me issues as I get older and should get a second opinion (ortho) and get it fixed.

Oh, I went riding on it this past Sunday with little issues !!! Plan on going tomorrow also !!

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I just got back from riding and the thing feels great, no issues at all !!

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