After cleaning my carb,only run with choke on. HOW COME??

2004 DRZ400 mikuni carb. I cleaned out the bowl and the jets because it got clogged up with old gas.After I put the carb back on and now it only runs with the choke out. I saw another thread about this before but I can't find it now. :smirk: I was hoping to get some input before I tear into it again so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Because.... either your pilot is clogged and should be replaced or the fuel screw is closed or you failed to install the pilot when you put the carb back together.

vacuum line connected to the petcock?

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. Hopefully it is the vacuum line :smirk:

if it will run for any length of time with the choke on it's not the vacuum line. I know Eddie knows this. He probably didn't read the title. Something is wrong with your low speed passage (refer to William1) Your motor is idling through the fuel enrichener (or choke) and not the pilot jet. When you turn off the choke you are shutting off the only fuel supply left.

if it will run for any length of time with the choke on it's not the vacuum line.

yes,they will when the petcock is in the pri position. the choke overcomes the vacuum leak.

i read the title just fine.

I guess I didn't think about that. I thought about what you said over dinner. Couldn't make sense of it. I hear you saying the choke takes over the lean condition caused by the air leak. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.

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