Thread inserts for plastic repair help

This may be a little off the DRZ forum but not much I hope :smirk:


I have a problem with one metal threaded inserts for plastic(similar to the ones in the picture) that has fallen out, my question is, what is the best glue(any other solution) to fix it? I need a really good fix because it´s a insert that has a lot of heat(+/-100cº) and some vibration.

I was thinking on epoxy glue but need some expert help on which is the best for this.

You need to match the adhesive to the type of plastic.. Should be a mark that denotes plastic type ..find that,,,then find the right adhesive,


Normally, those are threaded in with a little heat applied by the setting tool. If the hole has gotten opened up, epoxy will be your only choice unless you have some of the same plastic around and the tools to properly weld plastic.

Next time, snug, not 'cranked down tight'.:smirk:

It´s a very hard plastic and heat resistant the kind that does´t melt when heated the part is from a plastic bmw inlet manifold. so no chance in heating I will try to find the right epoxy

I would make the hole conical, wider at the bottom and smaller diameter on the surface by hand then glue it with epoxy that way it won't be able to pull out.

Rough shape it by hand, don't bother making it perfectly round, that way it won't be able to spin.

I have used rev-nuts before in this type of application. But if you don't have the rev-nut tool already it can be $$

I don´t have a rev-nut tool I will have to go with the epoxy, this weekend I will check wich type is the plastic and report back.


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