What clutchplates for XRR?


The clutch on my XRR has recently started to slip, so I need new frictionplates and metalplates (Don't know the exact word in english).

What should I buy? I want bang for the buck. Is the stock Honda best or should I go with Barnett or something else?

/ F

had good success with barnett and mobil 1 15w-50

I put some barnetts in my dad's harley. They drag all the time until it gets hot, no matter how much adjusting you do.

The dirtbike ones they sell may be completely different, and other people may have great luck with them, so you should get their opinions, too, not just mine.

I've put EBCs in a couple of bikes with very good results. I've also bought new OEM with good (expected) results.

(Don't know the exact word in english).

This is better English than half the people on here, lol. We know exactly what you are talking about. No worries!

I like the Barnett set in my vintage racer, i abuse it like a cheap whore and dosn't fade.

Yet the my stock set is still like new in the 01 650R, (measured it yesterday).Again..it gets abused too.

Hummm...I'm seeing a pattern.

I also use 15-50 mobile-1

Thanks for the answers!

I think I will try the Barnett. The stock are to damn expensive, about 12 euro per plate :ride:

Before replacing the clutch plates add one more metal plate to the bottom of the clutch stack. It's a known issue that the overall thickness of the clutch stack isn't enough so it can slip prematurely. This was a all explained on Scott Summers website a few years back. Try it before you buy a complete clutch.


any more info on this?

i would of thought honda would of fixed the issue all those years if it was an issue? and i never heard of this mod, but would like to see what its all about etc.

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