Who got you started?

So how did you start riding and at what age? For almost all of us, I'd say it was an important man in our life -- father or boyfriend/husband.

For me, it was my husband who got me started. He was a long-time dedicated MX racer, but by the time we started dating (he was about 33), he was starting to get out of it. But I want to stress, I was NOT the reason! lol.

We met in 1997, moved in with him in 1999, got engaged in 2001, and married in 2002. But we went from 1997 to 2001 without me ever getting on a bike. I learned to love the sport (love pro MX and SX, not so much the amateur stuff), so I guess he figured I finally needed to ride.

We had the opportunity to buy a friend's 2000 Honda XR100 so that's how I started, at age 31. He did not let me ride in 2002 for the most part, because he didn't want me to hurt myself before our September wedding, lol. The dirt bikes did accompany us on our nearly 2-week honeymoon though.

Bought a brand-spanking-new 2003 Honda CRF150 and then in 2008, a barely-used 2006 Honda CRF230. Love trail riding (but not technical/single-track stuff), not so much motocross, although we do have our own track.

What's your story?

OMG... do you really want to know??? :lol:

OK fine since you insist geez :ride:

I started riding in 1968 on a Taco minbike that my parents had purchased for me as a surprise :lol: and have progressed from there to the bikes I ride now

GasGas EC250 and DRZ400SM

Both my parents rode and raced. My Father raced Desert, Motocross and Flat track and my Mother raced Desert and some moto and well they started me really young :lol: so I guess you can see why I love to ride :lol:

Most of my boyfriends were riders or surfers that also rode so you can see where this is going :lol:

All of my kids ride and yes we started them young :blah: my daughters just ride for fun but my son races and does freestyle but after X amount of injuries he just rides for the thrill and love of it now as he says :smirk:

I love watching Moto, SX, Flat track, Speedway, Freestyle, Desert racing and yes SupoerMoto :smirk:

I still after all these years and major injuries love riding and never thought I would be racing let alone be competing against the boys :lol:

So wish I could find all my old pics and super8 movies of back in the day as all of us would be laughing :lol:

Good thread :prof:

For me, it was a little different, I bought my husband a old '79 Honda XL250s to use for commuting and decided I really wanted to learn to ride it, and he helped me by showing me the basics, little did he know he created a monster.:smirk:

The hubby got me started back in the summer of 2007 (i was 20yo) on an SSR90r pitbike and then progressed to a 74 ty250 and from there to a 2000 xr100r and from there to a kdx250. The hubby has been riding since he was little and I had only ever rode a 4wheeler for chasing cattle and irrigating fields. Never thought I would take to it like I did....my dad still just shakes his head and is like never would have pictured you on motorcycles lol. I love watching SX and MX. We ride mostly trails but hit up tracks occasionally.

My dear hubby got me started. But first I have my cycle license and rode his cx500 street bike. We also have Chevelle's which we drag race, but wanted something we could do together as a family with our then 3 (now 4) kids. So we started out getting the kids an xr50. After a summer on that, we got the girls an xr80 and xr100 and the hubby picked up his xr400. Then last summer we upgraded our son to a kx60 and eldest daughter to a kx85. I spent a summer or two putzing around the xr100, having fun and being frustrated too on being limited by it's size. Then borrowed a friend's older ktm300 for a summer. After gaining some confidence riding that, we went in search of a ktm200, but couldn't find one in good shape for a decent price, so settled on my current bike, a kdx200.

So, finally each of us in our family have a bike, and we are ready for some serious riding fun this summer! We have a friend with 60 acres of private land that has both a 4m loop and an 8m loop through his land (which includes some steep sloping land, woods, creek, and more. Truly beautiful countryside.) So can't wait to go back and ride there some more this season. Hoping to get some video with our gopro cam when we go. :smirk:

Here was our lineup 2 summers ago, we have since sold the spare xr100 (older one) and the xr80 for the kx85 (not pictured).


I grew up around Harleys and my parents & uncles all rode those & dad had a ktm dirtbike. I always wanted one of my own and it never panned out. When I met my husband I talked nonstop about wanting a bike and a couple years later when he proposed he got me an 03 xr100r instead of a ring. It was the best gift ever and shortly after he got a crf250 (yup he got me a bike first!) We have been hooked ever since! For my bday in May he put black plastics, pink forks, pjink grips & wheel tape on it for me. Perfect!

Great thread!

For me, it was a group of my grade 5 students. :smirk:

I didn't really grow up around motorcycles of any kind, although I did take a few rides (as a passenger) on some street bikes when I was a teenager. After I was married, a large track was built 5 minutes from my in-laws, and my husband and I would often take our kids there to watch the races, which I loved.

Fast forward many years to 3 years ago. I taught the same kids for 2 years in a row because of changes in staffing. Many of them rode dirt bikes and we had a lot of fun discussing them. They invited me out for a ride one weekend (with their parents) and what can I say? I was HOOKED! I bought my own bike not long after that and haven't looked back since! :smirk:

When I was a little girl, my dad told me stories about his early teen years, how he used to assemble contraptions from push scooters and chainsaw engines (he basically described go-peds but he did it in the mid 60s in the former USSR). He was from a poor family and even people with money had a hard time buying stuff back then because it just wasn't available, but he really wanted to ride so that's what he built. He told me how the traffic control folks would go after him, he would grab his scoot, hop over someone's fence and run away-I just thought it was so awesome!

Later on (when he was 16) he built a 2 seater moped and rode around with my (future) mom on the back-he told me fun stories about that too. So to his surprise (and dismay), when I turned 15 I went and got an old CB350 with my paper route money. I only had 150 bucks so the only bike I could afford had a seized engine-I spent the summer with a Clymer manual in hand rebuilding the thing.

Dad was not happy-he said when he rode, the times were different and the place was different-and here in Seattle it is too dangerous. Well, his logic didn't work. I have ridden and rebuilt vintage bikes since. I probably spend more time tinkering than riding, because once I get one running I need to sell it to fund other projects, LOL.

When I was just a toddler growing up in the mid 80's, I would see motocross on TV and I'd point to the television set and say "I want to do that!" My parents probably rolled their eyes and said "yeah right!" Nobody in my family rode any type of motorcycle.

I continued to have a desire to learn throughout my early life and then when I was 19 (2003) my soon to be husband took me for a ride on the back of his xr200. I was hooked and the next week we were out buying me my own!! I have been riding ever since.

In the last few years, I've even got my twin sister into riding a bit and two of my older brothers now ride dirtbikes as well.

Though nobody in my family rode a motorcycle, or even anybody I knew, I was always rather intrigued with them from an early age. Admittedly, I was more intrigued with horsies as were most young girls. Then on a whim, my dad took the family to see a double feature (you know, just novelty films) which was Endless Summer and On Any Sunday. The surfing film was amusing enough, but I really fell for On Any Sunday. From then on I wanted to ride dirt bikes. That fall I started high school and met my first boyfriend who rode a Kawasaki Trail Boss 100. I clung to him, terrified as we frolicked about the local hillsides and backroads. Soon, I pestered him to teach me to ride and after stalling the bike about 2 dozen times in a row and crying in frustration I got the machine rolling and fell over in a rut in the field.:smirk: Things progressed smoothly after that though. The following summer I got a used Yamaha HT1 90 to follow my boyfriend around on the trails. And of course that was only the beginning of a 40 year love affair with bikes.:smirk::prof:

Oh... forgot to say... I started when I was 38.

I was the ripe old age of 55 when my husband, with a long and successful history of racing and a rider, mentioned that he would like to start riding again and I yelled...NOT WITHOUT ME YOU DON'T!

I started with a Honda elite 150 and moved up to my current dirt bike, a Yamaha TTR 125 in order to learn shifting. I have a VTR 250, a Zuma 70cc conversion and an Elite 87cc conversion scooter.

What's my favorite? DIRT BIKES RULE! Hands down, it's my Yamaha TTR 125L.

When I started riding, I told my doctor what I was doing and warned him not to be surprised if I showed up in a cast sooner or later. He didn't laugh. He just said 'OK'. I guess I just don't surprise him anymore.

I don't ride as fast as my husband or with his skill level but I'm having the time of my life!

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I don't ride as fast as my husband or with his skill level but I'm having the time of my life!

That's all that matters.:ride::lol:

Well I've started because my boyfriend race!

I was bored to watch and cheer, so I said to myself, 'Why I do not try ???".

And so it was!

I started with pit bike, then CRF250 and now my CR85:




As a kid I had the opportunity to ride my cousins bikes, but never on a regular basis.

Later in life, my boyfriend who has rode most of his life wanted to get back into it, so we did together. We actually moved 1100km away from family and friends for better riding.lol

Ten years, four bikes later I'm still riding :thumbsup:


Love this Pic of you :ride::thumbsup::ride:

Love this Pic of you :ride::thumbsup::ride:

Thankl you!

My husband and son got me and my daughter into riding. My husband had a dirt bike as a teenager, then got back into the sport as an adult. When our son turned 7 we bought him an CFR70 for his birthday. I wasn't too sure about this idea especially since his first time on the bike he crashed into the backyard fence! After a couple of years, I didn't like staying home doing housework while they were out having fun on the trails, so I thought I would give it a try.

My daughter was about 7 when we bought her a crf50 and I got an XR100. My husband tried to get me on a bigger bike, but I was afraid to go bigger. My daughter and I went to dirt bike school together (me and 3 other 7-8 year olds). During the class, I got to try a CRF150. After that I knew the CRF150 was the bike for me. By then my son was ready to move up from his 80 to my 100, so I talked my husband into buying me an CRF150 and we've been riding as a family ever since.

I wish I had started learning to ride sooner (about 20 years sooner). Learning to ride at 40 wasn't the easiest thing to do, but I'm glad I have stuck with it. I may not be able to keep up with my husband or kids on the trails, but I sure have fun trying!

My man! Back in 98 when I was racing mountain bikes - he introduced me to dirt bikes and motocross and suddenly mountain bikes were history! LOL

Interesting how one interest leads to another through our spouses or boyfriends. My husband and I met thanks to our mutual interest in bicycle riding. He was competitive, I a pleasure rider who became competitive after we met. He had a long and successful career as a motorcycle racer so it was natural that I learn to ride, also.

I draw the line at his desire to skydive, however. The only way to get me to jump from a moving airplane is for there to be fire pouring out of its engines!:thumbsup:

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