anyone have a crf230m?

how do you like it? how does it compare to say a drz400sm? is it more for a smaller person or could a 220# adult man ride it with no complaints?

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IMO too small for a 230#man! I ride my dads 230l every once and a while. no comparison to my DRZ. 1/2 the power

yea i figured it was....i got the drz400 with the 440 kit and all that but im nressed with its power either...i also have a trx450r and that thing is amazing on a honda buff but they didnt offer a bike in supermoto style that fit me

I just got mine last month. Have 730 miles racked on it already. Only complaint so far is not enough power. It is a tad small. I am 140 pounds at 5'10". I think I look ok on it. Anyone bigger than 5'10" and above 165ish just wouldn't look right on the thing. I'm glad i got mine because I get great mileage, and it is a BLAST to throw around turns and take around town. I plan on doing exhaust and jetting mods as well as playing with gearing a bit to give me a TAD more power....but I absolutely love my bike and am so glad i got it.

Been searching for rim swap info?. A dealer has a good deal on an 2009 leftover 230M ; Wondering if the 230L rims will work on the M...I believe they both have the same size brake rotor?...I confident the info is on TT somewhere....just can't find it?.

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