Riding in the Allegheny NF


My husband and I made our annual Memorial Day trek to PA to ride opening weekend in the ANF. Surprised to discover (at Pig's Ear) that the Marienville ATV Loop was closed. Never seen that before. Does anyone know if it was due to "improvements" or damage? Actually I was secretly relieved that I didn't have attempt slippery "Nemesis Hill" (my name) in the really wet trail conditions (the hill that some ATVs have to take the alternate way) although hubby said he would get my bike up it for me.

Anyway, anyone else out there this past weekend? Never seen the trails so wet in places -- MUD SOUP! Still had fun though.

Oh, managed 110 miles on Saturday/Sunday. Not too shabby for a chick on a bike, lol.

Marienville sections are closed due to the excessive rains and repair work is in order. The south end of D loop to Buehlers corners will open later toward the end of June like has the past couple years because of environmental concerns.

- the Rocky Gap loops (Warren) are all open,,,

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