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More problems with my 505

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I have a 08 XC-F 505. I have a fan I run off a switch, but I'd like for it to be automatic like my 530. What are my options? Any good in-line switches out there? Does the Fluidynes have the threads for a switch (the switch costs about 1/2 of another fan kit!)? Anyone upgraded radiators and want to sell their xcw/exc radiator that has a fan switch in it, or a place for one?

When I bought this bike, it had the stock metal oil pump gear (18 tooth), and one of the new plastic Idler gears (24tooth) that runs between the pump gear and the clutch basket. The Idler gear was getting chewed up, so I bought both new gears (upgraded new parts, both plastc) and all three new oil pumps. Now both gears, after a short time (probably less than 4 hours, it's mainly a back-up bike now that I have a 530 XC-w)), are starting to get chewed up again. I'd prefer to use my old metal pump gear (looks like new) and use a old metal Idler gear. I guess the old metal gear also used a needle bearing that the new plastic gear does not. Does anyone still have the old steel 24tooth (77338000050) gear and needle bearing (0405101310) they can sell? Apparently you can't get them new any more. Also, just to be sure, what is the correct orientation of the pumps? The inner is obvious due to the pin placment, but the outer section has a completely flat end, and the other with a very slight machined edge. It's hard to imagine it could make a differance, but apparently it can cause drag if installed backwards.

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