What Next, CRF70 to ?

My son, 10 years old, is currently riding a CRF70. He really enjoys it and it suits him fine right now. I am looking and researching what the next step should be for him. He does not race. He may enter a few races here and there but they will be desert races. We ride mostly open desert/trails. I am not interested in upgrading the CRF70 because I have two othe boys to follow riding that bike here soon. I am interested in what the next natural progression should be for him. I do not want to go the 2-stroke route. I would prefer to stay 4-stroke. That is just a personal opinion, nothing against 2-strokes. What in the 4-stroke class would be a good choice? I know that the KLX110 is a great bike but it is the same size for the most part. I don't want him to ride a bike that doesn't fit him very well. Mind you, I am not very tall, 5' 8" and he isn't that tall either.

CRF100, CRF150? I would like something with a bit more performance overall.


If you don't want to go the 2T route your kind of limited here...... I would go with the CRF150 even though he may only be 10 and small stature he will adjust to it pretty quickly I would think and after he has gotten confortable with that say in 3-4 years possible go big with a 250 4T....just my thoughts

The crf 80 is a bigger bike then 70, not just in height but the over all size. If you want to stay with the automatic the klx 110 comes in a big wheel version. I believe it adds another 2 or 2 1/2 inches of height. My son is on the 70 now, he can sit on the 80 and his toes touch. But he isn't strong enough to pull in the clutch yet.

Get him the crf150f or 150r if he's racing

I know my son @ 10 would not have been able to handle a 150f. It's 236 pounds and sits pretty high. If you lowered the seat height with a kouba link or something maybe you could make it work if he could handle the weight. A 100f is 174 pounds. Maybe in desert riding the weight won't make a difference, but on the stuff we ride 62 extra pounds is a lot when you're picking it up off the ground.

As painfully expensive as it was my son went from an 80f to 100f to 150r small wheel in 3 years. One per season.

Buy them used, keep them in good shape and sell them for close to what you paid for them.

My belief was if I put my son on too tall of a bike or too heavy of a bike that his interest might wain because the bike didn't fit him.

Your mileage may vary...

Don't rush him to much if he's still having fun on a CRF70 look for a CRF80 or 100, My oldest grandson is 10 and rides a 2006 KX85. I just picked him and his step brother a couple of CRF80's and they have a complete ball on them. Less pressure = more fun sometimes. The CRF 150 is a heavy bike for a small kid IMO. Good luck.

Check into a KLX 140... shorter than the crf 150 as well as lighter. better suspension than the TTR125 and DRZ125....

Great info. I did not realize the 80 was much bigger than the 70. I also like the idea of a big wheel klx110 or the crf100. They were not really in my cross check. Something for me to consider here in the near future.


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