Too much water pressure

I have a 09 250f and I've checked everything no cracked head good head gasket empeller and it's all fine it just keeps over heating and boiling the water and creating alot of pressure within minutes

Is it doing this on the stand or while riding?

Um when I'm riding then I will pull off the track and it will keep doing it

Have you done any recent work where something could have gotten into the cooling system to cause a clog?

Have you pressure tested the cap?

Done a leak down on the engine?

The water pump is turning?? Maybe you have a broken shaft or something that prevents your impeller to rotate.

Oil level is ok? It is correctly carburated?

Hope I helped

The water pump is Turning and what would the carb do to cause that much pressure . And yes I just rebuilt the motor and cleaned the hoses. So I will tale that all apart check for a clog

A Lean condition can cause a lot of engine temp, that will build up pressure. Did you check your bike's head for flatness also? I think there is cylinder pressure going into your cooling system....

I have no Idea about flatness of my head. How do u check that

with a flat surface like a marble table, you have to check that is perfectly flat. Any imperfection will cause the gasket to blow pressure into your cooling system. Or better, bring it to a shop for checking.

Why did you rebuild it? Temperature problem?

No I got a new piston and valves then the piston broke and bent my rod and the exhaust valves. So I had to take it apart and get all the broken piston goodies out off the bottomend. Can you fix a non flat head

Now we're getting somewhere. From your first post it seemed this was a problem which just appeared 'out of the blue', but in reality the motor shit itself and you have rebuilt it. Big difference.

Yep, a shop can fix it!!!

How much coolant/water are you putting in it? If you're overfilling it the coolant has nowhere to go except out when it pressurizes. The level should be just over the core that way it has the tank for expansion room.

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