76 MR250 coil

I purchased a coil for my mr250 off of ebay because my coil no longer worked. I got it today and this is probably going to sound stupid but the spark plug will not slide into the cap on the plug wire, i looked down it and how my other one has a cylindrical part that the plug plugs into my new one does not have, its flat on the end and it looks like the tip of the plug would plug into the inside of it but its too small for the plug to go in the coil. Sorry if this sounds kinda stupid im confused as to why this one is different. Ill trhy to post pictures later if i can find my camera to clear this up a bit.

Have you tried to unscrew the spark plug terminal and see if it fits then?


didnt know i could do that but ill try and let you know

Yes sir that fixed it!! Also I'm installing a new set of points on it but is there any certain way that they need to be mounted in? Because I know they mount on the pivot any help is aprisiated thanks

Sorry, cant help you with that, but maybe someone with knowledge about the MR250 can chime in and help?

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