2006 WR450F Operator's Manual

Looks like Yamaha no longer makes it available on their website. I followed a number of the links on this forum and still haven't found this manual. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks I already have the service manual. I'm looking for the Operator's Manual because I'm interested in knowing how to reset the odomoter for enduros in "race mode".

I also don't know where to add engine oil. Whether a certai amount gets put into the frame or not.

Service manual for my 04 has both of these in there. Admittedly, the odo is different between 04 and 06 but the info should be in there, just probably buried.

On my 04 you add to the engine only, start the bike, let warm up and circulate oil and check it then at the frame. Don't believe the 06's are different as the motors and frames are largely the same.


The service manual IS the owners manual. You have to read it.

All the oil is added to the engine. Add the specified amount per the manual. The engine will fill the tank the first time you start it.

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