2002 RM125 no spark

I need a little help with my 2002 RM125. It has no spark and I have already checked the plug, kill switch and coil. All of which have checked good. I tried to check th CDI but my manual is for an 2003 and the CDI on a 2003 has 12 pins while a 2002 only has 8 pins. I did find what I think is a problem with my stator. I get the following readings green - red 100 ohms. My book for the 03 says 75-125 ohms so I think I am good here. The red/white wire and black/red wire read 25K ohms which I think is bad. The book for the 03 says my range should be 18-30 ohms. Does anyone have the specs for the stator on an 02 and have the procedure to check the CDI? Thanks.

Double check all the wiring for bad connections. My 02 250 has a connection inside the harness that was corroded and caused no spark and drove me crazy until I found it. I think stator amount readings are not as important as getting a short or no reading. No reading would be a bad stator/shorted onto itself. Are you sure 25k ohms? That may be a bad/weak connection inside the stator though.

I am sure about the resistance readings. I checked it 4 times. I am going to bring home my fluke model 87 from work which has a peak voltage setting. I will check the resistance again with it and try to do a voltage check according to the manual. I will also check all the connections again and post my findings. Thanks for the input.

I doubled checked all the connections and they all looked good. I confirmed my resistance readings with another meter. I am still leaning towards the stator but would like to know the corect procedure to check the CDI. Does anyone have this for a 2002 RM125? If it is the stator that is bad where is the best place to buy one? I checked the Rickystator website and they do not show one for a 2002 or later RM125.

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