anyone interested in corral canyon/pine valley tomorrow


seeing if anyone is going to be in the area already, or is up to go ride tomorrow. i can carpool 1 bike and 1 passanger or split the gas with someone if it makes sense. never been riding out there during the week. and seeing as i dont have plans, i cant think of anything id rather do.

I'd be so down, but can't do it. However on Friday morning I'll be taking your old 500 to Pala again. Last week was my first time on an MX track in something like 5 years, and I went from complete pansy getting passed by little girls on 80's to clearing all of the jumps on the vet track by the end of the day. I was hoping to warm up for an hour or so on the vet track and then try out the pro track this time.

i might be down friday. Im not a big track fan, i go here and there. that and ive had a few shoulder injuries. ive accepted the fact i do more sitting than riding at tracks, i just cant hold out on the big hits, whoops, and trying to out run those little girls on 80s. the brain wants to but the body cant hack it kinda sad at if i dont go tomorrow, ill think about tracking down a petcock for my stock tank, and head out. id like to see what the old beast does on a track.

I did McCain valley on Sat, Corral on Mon, will be at Corral again this Saturday with 2 buddies.

I did McCain TODAY! Perfect weather. Perfect all around. I might be up for it early next week if time permits. I'm off from work all week.

Sweet. It's been a while since I've hit McCain, I really like that place. Did you climb the big rock face? Pics?

I'm still going to be at Pala tomorrow at 9.

Nope. nothing drastic I went with a beginner rider and I just wanted to take it easy and show him around. Build up his confidence you know. I just replaced my valves and put a new piston and rings on my bike did not want to over do it. I leave tomorrow for Baja.

Sorry I forgot the camera,so no pics. Here's a video by NOT me.

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added video link

hey CHINGON ive got nothing but time next week, so if you up for it just give me a day and time. all ive got planned is a trip to barona oaks with my 74 YZ, and check out their vintage track on wed. just got the motor back in and itching to take it out and chip some teeth.

joelberg, im not gonna be able to make it out tomorrow, got some stuff i got to finish on the house. get some pics or video of that 500 on the track though!

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