Right Tyre Size?

Hi all

Rang a tyre supplier told him that i wanted rear tyre 100/100-18 for an 98 XR250R but must be DOT APPROVED for road use also.

Told us that different manufacturers have there own sizes but would have a look for us. He told us that Maxxis tyres are popular/cheap and also DOT approved with the added bonus of FIM approved (i agreed).

Received the new tyre today looks good... but its a 120/90-18 now am i going to look an idiot when i take my wheel off and take it to a tyre fitter only to be told that ive got the wrong size tyre

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Steve

120 is fine for your bike. Plus points...you can get a moose that fits it & it will give you a bit more grip in the soft stuff.

Cheers dg... *** is a moose :-)


Cheers dg... *** is a moose :-)


No tubes = no punctures


bib mousse

the 120/90-18 is wider but with a slightly shorter sidewall than the 100-100/18 but yes it will fit. Next time I would ask for a 110-100/18.

Thanks all

Got it fitted: wheel on... sun is shining can only mean 1 thing!!!

Thanks again

I've mashed a 140 street tire on my XR4, they can take a variety of sizes.

Frankly, I can't tell the difference between a 110 and a 120 knobby off road.

That's probably because I suck and i don't know what I'm doing. Your mileage may vary.

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