weird noise from left side of engine

I was getting the DRZ around today and was checking tire pressure and had the engine idling and noticed that if I picked the bike up level and just went to the right just a little I could hear what almost sounded to me like what a wheel bearing sounds like after you remove all the grease or oil and spin it in your hand. Leaned the bike back to the left and it goes away, but I can repeat it with the bike idling. It kinda sounds like it is coming from the mid to lower part of the engine on the left side, but I didn't have anyone else around to lean the bike while I just listened. Any one else run into this?

i've read that this is normal with alot of drz. havent been able to make mine do it, but many have this i think,and have no problems,,see if anyone else chimes in..

yea mine does it. 3500 miles

my old 06 drz E made that noise my 09 doesnt yet!!!

That is nice to know it is normal, I was worried she was going down on me. I was planning on taking it out to explore some back roads in my area. Thanks for the quick feedback

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