yzf 450 2010 suspension??

hi guy's,

i just got myself a 2010 yzf 450 and was looking to find what everbody is running on sag and on clickers??

i've had a search about and seen around 100mm race sag and 35mm static but would like to know if there's any magic numbers i need to be setting mine at

any advise much apreciated :smirk::ride:

For trails I'm running I think 19 clicks out (soft) on the compression, rebound is stock.

Shock is also almost all the way soft, forgot how many clicks out, but pretty much 1 less than full out I believe.

Works well for the trails. I weigh 205lbs without gear and the bike soaks up quite a bit of stuff.

sent mine to RG3 in NJ, and wow is all i can say:banana:

sent mine to RG3 in NJ, and wow is all i can say:banana:

which package did you get?

I run a bit less sag than recommended, high speed compression is turned in about 1/4 turn, low speed is about middle and rebound just slow enough to handle pitching me off on big g-outs but it doesn't pack up. Weight is 170 pounds before gear, A level rider.

Front forks are raised about 4mm from stock.

On a related note, two of my rear linkage bearings were bone dry upon new-bike ride tear down. Others were just fine.

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