Cleaning o-ring chain with shout??

Hey guys, i recently got a new 07 wr250 and gave her her first total bath. I did some research and found out that shout can work wonders for the bike and is cheap as well. How would you guys recommend i clean my chain? would it be ok to use a little shout and the small, soft scrub brush i got (NOT WIRES!) or is there something i should use that is better that wont hurt the o-rings?

I have heard so many controversial theories as to what is best for an o-ring chain, that I don't know what to believe :smirk:. Simply because any cleaner or solvent is to blame for the nitric grease injections breaking down too rapidly, or so I've read. Some guys claim they never clean them and some claim they power-wash them like any other chain when it is off the bike and give it a WD40 bath. All I know, is when I"m cleaning mine, I am usually shouting: "How did this much dirt and grime get on my freaking chain?"

I see what you did there. Yuk yuk yuk

I see what you did there. Yuk yuk yuk

Yeah, I figure if you can't add some creativity with honesty, then what are we doing this for? I'm not getting paid for it, and don't mind one bit being honest creatively. Honestly.

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